Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This morning I read an article that I'd recommend to anyone who has body image issues. It's about "fat talking". Fat talking is when we say horrible things to/about our own body such as, "I'm so fat", "I'm so ugly", "My bum is so huge", "I look disgusting", etc. You would never say anything so belittling to another person and yet how often do you say things like this to/about yourself? We are in constant communication with ourselves and the things we say we tend to believe. If someone else were continually telling you how fat you are, you would eventually start believing them, right? The same happens when you are the one doing the "fat talking". After awhile, you will believe what you're saying to yourself and it will become truth. I used to belittle myself and say horrible mean things to myself while looking in a mirror or trying to squeeze into a size-to-small pair of jeans. This kind of behavior always left me feeling depressed and hateful toward myself, which in most cases would then lead to a food binge in attempts to drown out my pain. Realizing that no one can control my thoughts except for me has been a huge blessing. I am the only one who can decide what I want to think about or what I will tell myself in my mind. It makes sense then to speak to myself in such a way that is uplifting and encouraging. When I tell myself that I am beautiful and happy, eventually I will believe it. And I do!! I am constantly telling myself uplifting words. Even if they're not necessarily true. No, I'll never have a model body type, but who cares? I can tell myself I look fabulous and keep my head up high, believing that I am just as good as any woman out there who does happen to have a perfect model body. A little saying I have is "Say it til it's true". When I tell myself that my body is beautiful and I say it over and over in my mind, guess what? I become a beautiful, self confidant, happy woman, even without having a model type body. It is much easier to eat 0-5 when I'm doing it just for me. Not because I want to look skinnier than my neighbor or be more beautiful than my coworker or get attention from the hot guy who works at the mall. When I choose to love myself for exactly who I am right now (blemishes and imperfections included), suddenly 0-5 eating isn't an impossible feat anymore, it is simply a way of life. Exercise becomes "my time" and not a contest or a race to get into a pair of skinny jeans. When I am happy and self confident on the inside because of things I tell myself, I am then able to project love and happiness out to others which in turn helps them to feel good about themselves. --I really do love this way of life!


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    1. Thank you Alicia for you comments. I know I need to get back into writing on this blog. I hope it will happen soon.

      I don't know of any online programs or websites. I got all my information from different books. I have a list of the books I use on the blog post,
      I haven't written on my blog in quite awhile but I know I need too. I know there are many people who are searching for a lifestyle that is liveable and that will keep the weight off. If you have any questions about 0-5 eating, let me know.
      Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for posting all of this great information. I was successfully maintaining my normal weight of around 140 lbs or so (I could even weigh myself without getting thrown off track ;) until my first pregnancy. I've read most of the same books you've read and The Fat Fairy Godmother is my favorite. A book called Think Yourself Thin by Debbie Johnson really started me on my journey to this way of eating, but it takes a lot of reminding. I did okay-ish during pregnancy, but am now struggling at 7 months postpartum. Unfortunately, I had to restrict a few food groups during the first few months of breastfeeding. Now I'm back to being unrestricted but find myself bingeing on everything! I'm glad I found your site. You have helped me get back on track as of today!

  4. Thank you for your comment. I'll have to read the book you suggest "Think Yourself Thin" by Debbie Johnson. I always love to read new material on this subject. It's my opinion that the binging you are having troubles with is stemming from something. Maybe motherhood or life situations? Once you figure out what the binging is helping you to deal with, then you can work on the binging. Sometimes binging become a habit too. We get used to the full feeling and because it is like a drug, we want it...even though it makes us feel gross. You can do this. Love yourself exactly as you are right now. Your body has done so much for you, even during the times of binging. Listen to your body, it will guide you if you let it.