Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(32) My Book List

Wow, time is just flying by isn't it?! It seems I can never keep up. I wanted to write out a list of the books I've read that have taught me all about 0-5 eating. I've read these book numerous times and every time it seems I get something new from them. I don't follow each book to the letter. Through trial and error I've found what information works for me and the rest I just let go of.

The first book I read introduced me to the idea of 0-5 eating. It was the book I read back in college as I struggled with anorexia. It's called Thin Within, How to Eat and Live like a Thin Person by Judy Wardell
Judy Wardell also has other versions of this book which are spiritually oriented. I read the one called Thin Within: A Grace-oriented Approach to Lasting Weight Loss, but I didn't really like it much. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not the way I want to approach my eating habits.

The second book I read is called Overcoming Overeating by Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol H. Munter.
Of all my books, this one delves the most into dealing with emotional overeating. I've only read it twice because it really gets into how to deal with deep, raw, suffocating emotions that cause overeating. Once I dealt with all the reasons for my emotional overeating, I didn't need to read this book anymore.

The third book I read is one of my favorites. Unfortunately I don't think it's published anymore. I'm currently looking into locating the author online to see if she has any new books or if she wouldn't mind me sharing the information from this book here on the blog. It's called Eat it All and be Thin Forever by Glinda West.

The fourth book is a good one. It actually explains more than any of the others why dieting will, in most cases, eventually end in failure. It is called, Diets Don't Work by Dr. Bob Schwartz, Ph.D..
He is the one who put himself on a diet to prove to others how "easy" dieting can be...but then to his dismay, he ended up gaining weight and had a rough time losing the weight and keeping it off afterward.

The fifth book is a follow up to Diets Don't Work and gives additional information on why dieting ultimately ends in failure. It is called Diets Still Don't Work by Bob Schwartz.

The sixth book is another of my favorites. I've read it over and over again. The format of this book is different from the others in that it's written not in paragraphs but in bullet points. It gives short, to the point explanations about 0-5 eating. It is called The Seven Secrets of Slim People by Vikki Hansen and Shawn Goodman.

The seventh book I read has been the most influential in getting me to understand how to use meditation/visualization for weight loss and how to love myself and my body unconditionally. It is called The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel.
I think all of my books teach meditation/visualization to some extent but I never picked up on it until this book. It was after reading this book that I looked on youtube to find videos that would guide me through meditation/visualizations.
There is one factor about The Gabriel Method that doesn't sit well with me, and that is his approach to what he eats. He really gets into healthy eating, which is wonderful, but it seems to me that it could easily be looked at as a diet. I love eating foods that make me feel good but if there is any chance that my mind thinks it's being forced to eat certain foods, my body will immediately rebel and I will start overeating. So in this book I skip over his food sections.

Most of the books I read have worksheets or assignments at the end of each chapter but I've never used them. I find that if I'm thinking about food or trying to keep track of every bite I take, it gives food too much power in my mind and I will overeat. I prefer to think about food only when my body gets physically hungry. The rest of my time is filled up with other activities and life...not food.
All of these books are quite a few years old. After so long of 0-5 eating, I've come to a point where I don't need to read them nearly as much as I used too. I'm sure you could find current books on this subject with a little research, but I wanted to get you a list of my books so that you have access to the same information that I've had and that I use everyday. Best wishes to you!

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