Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(14) Are You Thirsty?

In the comments after chapter (10), Carly, talked about the importance of knowing the difference between being hungry and being thirsty. She said "I have also noticed how sometimes you need to pay attention to your body when it comes to fluids as well. When your hungry, really ask yourself if you are hungry or thirsty. I usually get a glass of water and drink it. If I'm still hungry in 10 minutes then I eat something. Drink Water! Your body needs it."
This is an important point. Determining if you are hungry or just thirsty can be tricky. If you're craving wet foods your body may be thirsty. If you drink a lot of soda or caffeine (which is a diuretic), your body may be mildly dehydrated. Drink small amounts of water all throughout the day.


  1. Love it. You are doing such a great job. Keep it up, it is inspiring me!

  2. I've had to give up (sigh) my mountain dew habit. I ALWAYS wanted one. OF course it dehydrates you, so I was always thirsty and always wanted mountain dew. Now I usually just drink water. If I have a mountain dew I keep it in the fridge. I pour a little bit into one of the teeny tiny disposable water cups my kids use. If I really want Mtn. Dew, that's enough.
    I feel a lot better now that I'm drinking so much more water. and my complexion looks better... go figure ;)

  3. Thanks for making a comment about my water post. That made me feel good. I'm learning so much and most of it is just listening to what my body is telling me. Gotta have the water now instead of gotta have that diet pepsi! Whaoo! Alos I'm trying to do other things than reward myself with food. For mothers day, I went and got my nails done istead of going to a resturant. The resturant is great for an hour or so (unless I over eat then I feel it longer) But I get to wear my pretty nails for days and days after!