Saturday, November 7, 2009

(26) When Food Finally Loses It's Appeal

Last night I was talking with a good friend who has, along with me, been implementing 0-5 eating as a way of life. We realized that both of us are now at a point with this eating plan in which the appeal for food as a crutch has begun to release it's choke hold on our minds. Food is losing it's appeal! I'm now finding it hard to even think about food when I'm not hungry. Actually the thought of putting food in my mouth before I hit a 0 makes me feel a bit queasy and my gag reflexes go into high alert mode. I'm starting to have very little desire or interest in food at all. When my body does hit a 0, it's almost an annoyance because I have to stop what I'm doing and go find something to eat. It's difficult to eat as much junk food as before. My body is calling out for healthier foods now. I think the reason for this is because getting to a 5 doesn't require large amounts of food. My body has to get all the nutrition it needs with what it's being given and it doesn't take much food at all to get me to a 5. Also I have more energy now than I ever have after eating past a 5.
Getting to the point of food losing its appeal feels like such a victory! Even though I'm not quite down to my natural weight yet I feel like I'm already naturally thin. But I do have a few words of caution to add right here. I've been eating 0-5 for quite a few years now and one thing I've learned is that "blowing it" will happen, usually when you least expect it. There will come a time when you eat a meal without thinking about what or how much you're eating. You'll suddenly realize that you've eaten too much and it will feel horrible. When this happens, you have to be able to Let It Go. Say to yourself, "I blew it, I don't like how I feel but it's not the end of the world. This is okay. I'll just wait for a 0 before I eat again". If you can't be okay with a "mess up" once in awhile, I guarantee the "mess ups" will continue to happen and you will quickly fall back into the old binge/guilt cycle. It's OKAY to "mess up" every now and then. Just let it go and move on.
Naturally thin people "mess up" too. They may eat a bit too much at Thanksgiving dinner or while eating out with a group of friends, or while eating on the go, etc. The difference for them is that after the meal is finished, they wont give it another thought. They'll go on with their lives and the next time they hit a 0, they'll eat only until satisfied.
I've gotten to this point of food losing its appeal many times before and many times I've "blown it". I really don't like talking about doing so well at eating 0-5 because I've done this before too and immediately after I talk about my success, I find myself running to the fridge for a mega binge. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on my eating for the next few days. I don't want to lose ground here. I want to eat food as a means for fueling my body only!


  1. Love the update. I haven't been pushing the 0-5 full bore but I have been implementing it into my life more since exercise in my life decreases as it gets colder outside. I love feeling skinny. I'm not to my goal yet either but I am closer than I have been in over 4 years. Thank you for your help and support. ANd yes, I just had one of those, "whoops I over did it" moments. It was for a birthday dinenr. But no biggie. I just wasn't focused on my eating at the time and will do better. Don't sweat the small stuff its the long haul that matters. Good luck to all

  2. I'm glad you're doing so well. I feel like life is throwing me one curve ball after another. I've had a lot more than one whoops. But I've been thinking alot about the "stewardship" we have over our bodies, and the responsibility we have to feed and care for them properly. Add to that the admonition to use moderation in all things, and it all adds up to 0-5 eating. Being able to release the burden of over eating, and replace it with 0-5 is such a blessing. I keep turning to these thoughts as I struggle to set aside my compulsion to eat my stress. It helps to strengthen my resolve.