Thursday, April 23, 2009

(6) Step 2. Think Thin, Be Thin

From this moment on think of yourself as a naturally thin person. No, don't lol hysterically...this is important. You are now eating and living as a naturally thin person, it's just a matter of time before your body catches up with your mind. You are a thin person!
If you've seen my pics, you know that I'm not down to my normal weight yet but I still think of myself as being naturally thin. I know that my extra weight will come off. I just have to eat 0-5 and be patient. I also know that patience is a tough one...just ask my sisters'. After my last pregnancy the only thing I EVER talked about for months was my weight...poor girls, having to put up with me insulting and belittling myself and my "I'm so fat" whining. But thankfully I eventually remembered myself and got back into 0-5 eating.
Once you eat and live 0-5 you will actually feel empowered, more attractive, and more confident. It's an amazing feeling that I'd really like all of you to feel for the rest of your lives.
From now on don't talk about, think about or read about dieting. Naturally thin people don't ever think or read about diets. It's a moot point for them. They are already thin, why would they need to change anything? 0-5 eating is not a diet and if this is the way you want to live your life then diets won't exist for you anymore.
Don't read any diet books or articles. If you happen across an article in a magazine, skip it. Do not read it!
Don't keep food journals, count calories or track your food intake in any way. You'll never see a naturally thin person writing in a journal about how much food they just ate. By doing this you are still obsessing over and trying to control the amount of food you are eating. You have to trust your body to tell you when, what, and how much to eat.
Don't keep track of the food you eat mentally either. When you eat too much, or eat high calorie foods, don't beat yourself up. Don't think about how you've "blown it". Naturally thin people "blow it" all the time. They sometimes eat chocolate cake for breakfast or extra cheesy pizza for dinner. They don't worry about the calories, they eat what makes their bodies feel good and what their bodies are craving. It's okay to trust your body, it knows what it needs.
Start doing things today to make yourself feel more attractive. Get the haircut you've been wanting, get a pedicure/manicure. Trim your beard in some sexy design. Start doing the activities you've wanted to do but felt you couldn't because of your weight.
When you look in the mirror, don't focus in on the parts you don't like. No one is perfect. Even naturally thin people have parts of their bodies they don't like. It's normal so accept it and focus in on the parts you do like. Eventually you'll like more and more parts of yourself.
Don't wear clothes that are too tight anymore. Doing this will cause you to focus in on your size again, plus it just feels lousy. Don't worry, eventually your body will melt down to its natural normal weight.
Throw away your scale. WHAT???? you say... That's right, throw away your scale. By weighting yourself you are letting the scale decide for you what kind of day you'll have or what kind of mood you'll be in. If the scale gives you good news, you're happy and may just want to reward yourself with a hot fudge sundae that you're not really hungry for. If the scale gives you bad news, it devastates you and you may just feel the need to comfort yourself with a hot fudge sundae that you're not really hungry for.
Don't worry about the numbers on a scale. You'll know when you're losing weight by how your clothes fit. I haven't owned a scale in over 6 years. The only reason I know how much my weight has been is because of the scale at the doctors office and my mom has one that I sometimes just can't resist (I should know better by now). I do measure myself with a tape measure once a month and then I just go by how my clothes fit.
You are a naturally thin person...just like me. I know it's just a matter of time until I'm back to my natural normal size. And it's the same for you. By eating, thinking, and living as a naturally thin person, you are naturally thin.


  1. I remember how good it feels to eat 0-5... Eatingng beyond a 5 to a 10 makes you feel fat and miserable, like a failure, and a million other negative emotions.

    I have the baby again today, and she is a screamer. But I'm going to try for the natural high of eating 0-5, rather than the quick fix of heading for the candy bucket.
    I have 7 kids, so I don't know if I'll be able to eat in a calm environment until after they all leave.

    But I'm going to start thinking thin like you said. I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. -Mary-
    I always lose the most weight when I am stressed because of how busy I am. Why? Well, I eat, but I only eat when I am hungry. I only eat enough to satisfy the need for food and then I am on to the next thing. I lose a ton of weight when I am stressed. That is exactly what you are talking about. I just need to figure out how to implement it when I am not stressed.