Friday, May 22, 2009

(21) Some More Reasons For Overeating

* Procrastination eating. You have a project that needs to get done but the thought of doing it is very unappealing. A quick fast-food or ice cream run sounds much more fun.
* Last chance eating. You have a busy day full of errands and non-stop hoopla. You feel that you better eat right now because you may not get another chance any time soon.
* Can't be rude eating. You're invited to the home of a friend for dinner. You feel it would be rude not to clean your plate...and you can't possibly refuse seconds.
Your mother has made a special dinner for you that consists of enough food to feed a small army. How can you refuse eating a heaping plate of everything. You don't want to hurt your mother's feelings.
*Pregnancy eating. Another guilty for me!! For some reason I've overeaten during each of my 3 pregnancies. I overate while in bed rest because there wasn't much else to do...just watch tv, read, and eat for months at a time. Although with my last pregnancy I actually felt sick to my stomach if I got even a little bit hungry so I'd try to be full all the time to lessen the nausea. I've definitely regretted that afterward...
Eating for two is the common phrase. Pregnancy sometimes seems like a license to eat as much as we want anytime we want.
* It's my body, I can eat how I want. Your parents or guardians may have controlled everything you did as a child. Now that you're older you feel it's your right to eat however you want to. It's a way for you to break free from the restraints you felt as a child and to prove that you are your own person. Unfortunately it has also caused you to overeat.
*Closet eating. This is when you eat large portions of food when you're alone or when no one is watching. You probably eat very little when you are around other people but once you're alone you turn into an eating machine, stuffing food down without even tasting it.
*Commute eating. You may drive long distances for work or to and from work. Eating during the drive is like having a friend right there with you to pass the time.
*I'll start on Monday eating. I'm sure this one is familiar right? You're starting a new diet on Monday. You have to eat up all the "forbidden" foods now while you still have the chance because Monday you'll be gnawing on celery sticks. You're going on a diet so you need to have just one last good meal...
*After the diet eating. You've done very well with your diet, ignored the cravings, choked down the bland food, managed to squeeze yourself into your "goal jeans". You're never going back to the way you were so a tiny binge won't hurt anything...


  1. I am guilty for the long trip eating. When I was a kid we would travel long distances to go see famiy and there were always snacks. Oh, mom would bring fruit and sandwiches but we would stop for pop, jerky, and candy if we didn't all ready have it in the car. So now when we go on trips (doesn't really matter how long) I have a bag of goodies for us and the kids and we stop for a burger or something quick. I always feel guilty becase these high calorie foods just sit in the stomach when I'm just sitting in the car for 4-5 hours.

  2. I'll tell you what I get; "just one taste" eating.

    I've been on the "certain foods are bad" train so long that every once in a while I HAVE to just "try one piece" of pie..and then...the downfall happens...weeks or months of stuffing myself.

    Only to start the whole process again. :(

  3. Yep, been there...many times. My advice for this is to decide once and for all that you will not put yourself on a diet again. Trust your body, it knows what it needs. Listen to your body. It doesn't take much food to get from a 0 to a 5. Annoying, yes, but true. Your body will eventually level itself out and will rebel against eating too much sugar, too much fatty greasy food, etc. Your body will start begging for the "healthy" foods that you would normally eat while dieting..only now you're actually craving these foods, and eating them is blissful. And if you're like me, you will mix in small amounts of the fatty, sugary, greasy goodness foods because they do taste yummy. But your body wont want much of these foods. Your body will mostly want foods that make it feel good. I can't eat too much sugary food because it really just grosses me out. I love greasy food, like fries, and chips, but only a few. Mostly I just want to taste it for a second and then I'm done because my body says, "that's enough". I know that any more will make me feel gross. For me, it feels so much better to eat foods that make my body feel good, rather than eating foods that leave me feeling like I wish I wouldn't have eaten in the first place.
    Don't give up, keep trying. Use the times you do overeat as example to yourself of how you don't want to feel. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just think, "Oh yeah, this is how gross it feels to stuff myself...I have to remember this for the next time I'm tempted to overeat".