Wednesday, May 6, 2009

(15) Step 9. Notice How Your Body Feels After Eating

This step will help you figure out the foods your body really does like and the foods it doesn't. Think of tuning a guitar. You have to tune it exactly right or it will sound all wrong. Over time you'll learn how to do this for your body. You'll learn to enjoy feeling good after you eat a meal and eventually you wont be satisfied with anything less.
How do you feel a half hour after eating pepperoni pizza for a meal? Do you feel amazing and energetic? Or do you feel nausea, discomfort, heartburn, or (heaven forbid) gassy? I get painful heartburn after eating anything with tomato sauce or anything spicy like pepperoni. That doesn't mean I never eat pepperoni pizza. I do, just not very often because I know how I'll feel afterward. This may be different for you. You may feel great after eating pizza 0-5.
I've learned certain things about my own body, what foods agree with me and what foods don't. For example: I don't like candy at all but I love chocolate in very small amounts. I don't like chocolate ice cream ever unless it's Rocky Road. I can't eat breakfast foods like pancakes, muffins, or waffles in the morning because they give me heartburn. But I can eat them later in the day and I'll feel fine. If I eat eggs in the morning they can only be boiled or sunny side up. Scrambled make me feel nauseous but I can eat scrambled later in the day. I don't like white bread, only wheat. I like chicken breasts' but not chicken thighs. The thighs are too greasy (but my husband loves them). I love melted cheese all the time. I prefer corn tortillas over flour tortillas. I can only eat a small amount of chips at a time or I taste them for hours after the meal which grosses me out. I only eat half a bun with a hamburger because the whole bun is too much. I love vegetables. I'm not a huge fan of fruit. Fruit is good and I like it but usually I just don't care about it (but when I was pregnant I craved fruit constantly). When I eat steak I can only have a few bites or I feel like I have weights in my stomach. I don't like how the taste of raw onions goes on for hours after a meal. I love macaroni salad but I don't like macaroni and cheese. I love sea food anytime as long as I have a huge bowl of lemons. But I can't eat a lemon whole like I'd love too because it hurts my stomach and my teeth.
These are all examples of how my body works. I've learned my likes and dislikes. I've learned which foods make my body feel good and bad. You have to figure out for yourself what you like and how different foods make your body feel. What foods do you really love? What foods do you think you love but will soon realize aren't all that great? Learn to fine tune your body so that it is satisfied with every meal.


  1. I have a problem with chocolate frosting and graham crackers.
    It is one of my favorite snacks. That is something I can savor and enjoy.
    I do find that I overeat the snack and my blood sugar is horrible afterward which makes me very ill.
    I have not been able to give it up though. I know it doesnt do my body good but this is something I haven't been able to quit-especially lately

  2. Maybe you could try making up a small plate of your choco-grams...put a few of them on a plate then put the frosting and graham crackers away. Sit down with the plate and just enjoy them. The frosting and graham crackers are already put away and you'd have to get them out all over again to have more, is it worth the least this way you give yourself time to check in with your body to see if it's had enough or not.