Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(11) Step 6. Eat Only When You Are Physically Hungry

Do you know what physical hunger feels like? It may be hard to recognize if you've been eating at any time other than when your body is actually hungry. Real hunger feels like an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. A slight sense of nausea. A feeling in the back of your throat. A physical growling sensation in your stomach. You may have a heightened sense of smell. You may notice restaurant signs, TV commercials, pictures of food or you may want to talk about food. I personally either feel a empty feeling in my stomach or a slight sense of nausea or both. It may take awhile for you to recognize exactly what your body is telling you. But be patient, it will come.
There are different levels of hunger. Each time before you eat you need to check in with your body to see where your hunger level is. Naturally thin people do this automatically. You need to learn to do it as well. Imagine your body's hunger levels on a scale from 0-10. 0 is hungry. 5 is satisfied. 10 is stuffed to the point of feeling ill.

3-----Almost Hungry

Every time you feel like eating, take a minute and ask yourself. Where am I right now? If you hunger level is:

0 = EAT (Your goal is to always eat from level 0 to level 5)
3 = Almost Hungry (You're not quite there yet. Wait a bit longer.)
5 = Satisfied (Stop eating. Your body doesn't need any more.)
7 = Full (You've eaten too much and can now feel the food in your stomach.)
10 = Stuffed (Never eat to this level. You feel sick and lethargic.)

There's no such thing as "kind of hungry". You're either at a 0 or your not. If you're not at a 0, Don't Eat. If you don't quite know or just can't tell...don't eat. Wait a bit longer. Your body will send you a clear strong signal that you're hungry. You just have to wait for it.
If you're eating:
0-5, you will lose weight or maintain your naturally thin weight once you've reached it.
0-7 or 3-7, you will stay overweight.
5-10, you will gain weight.

Every time you're at a level 0, EAT. Don't let yourself get lower than a 0...I guess that would be -1...don't do this. When you get hungrier than a level 0 you will overeat.
Your body will let you know how it feels. When you eat at a level 0 it's very pleasurable. If you eat past level 5 it is uncomfortable. If you eat to level 10 it feels horrible and disgusting. If you stop at level 5 you feel really good. Light, energetic, and powerful.
There are two types of hunger. Physical hunger and Mind hunger. Physical hunger is when your body is actually hungry. This is when you need to eat. Mind hunger is when you eat for any reason or emotion other than physical hunger. It is also called emotional overeating and it's a tough habit to break. I will be writing articles on this later.

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  1. Thanks for doing this Heather. I'm already feeling so much better about myself. You're such a good leader... maybe coach is a better word. Everything sounds so much easier when you're the one telling me I can do it.
    This is helping me so much!