Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(1) What This Blog Is All About...

"My weight has been a protection. With every pound, with every number on the scale, comes a story, a hurt, a painful memory. I fear people think less of me because of my weight. The heavier I am, the more they think less and less of me. I weigh 330 pounds as of February 1st 2009. I wear a size 24 for jeans and I differ between an xxl-xxxl. How I long to buy something off the rack. Not to have folds. Not to be out of breath. Not to depend on something. (I like things that are constant, thus, the reason why I like food so much and use it as my drug). Not to want, but to have."

This is a quote from my 19 yr old cousin, Myranda (
http://myrandasweightlossstory.blogspot.com/), who is struggling with her weight. It breaks my heart to read her words and hear her heartache. She's searching for a way, any way to successfully lose weight and keep it off. She longs for a permanent solution to weight loss that doesn't involve strict dieting, calorie counting, food that tastes like cardboard, hating and belittling herself, starving and then binging, etc.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could eat anything we wanted and still be thin? Just like all the "naturally thin" people we know...and we all know them. We envy them, wish we could be like them, wonder why them, why not us? They are mysteries to any of us who struggle with our weight. Eating anything they want and staying thin, never worring about calories or fat content. They don't think about what they can or cannot eat or what other people think of them because of their weight.
Why can't we eat anything we want and still be thin? I say we can. Through 18+ years of fighting self conscious body issues, I've found a way to successfully lose weight without dieting, eating anything I want. I've been "naturally thin" now for almost 5 years. Not only did I lose the weight but I don't have the weight problem anymore. I know that I can be at my perfect weight for the rest of my life without effort. I eat like a naturally thin person which means I don't have to "watch my weight". I live like a person who has never had a weight problem.
This blog is a way for me to help Myranda, and anyone else who wants to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of their lives. Not only am I writing this to help you, the reader, but I'm also helping myself. I am currently bouncing back from a pregnancy in which I gained 60 lbs due to four months of bed rest and a LOT of overeating!! I still have about 20 lbs more to lose so I'll be right there with you. I'm not worried about the extra weight. I know it will come off and I'll be back to normal soon. I'll post pics (horror of horrors) so you can see that I've been there, I know, I understand. I'll explain how I've learned to deal with overeating, and emotional eating, and how I've learned to eat and live like a naturally thin person. If you decide to follow this method, eventually your body will catch up and you will also be naturally thin for the rest of your life without any effort or struggle.


  1. Hey Heather,
    I'm really glad you're doing this blog. I remember how much you helped me loose weight after each of my 3 pregnancies. I know the information, I've read enough books about eating like a thin person. But for some reason having you coach me, and working through the weight-loss with you really helped me nail the concepts. I guess it's cause I'm your sister and I naturally look to you as a role model.
    I never thought I'd have to deal with gaining weight again. But I returned to compulsive eating as a crutch when Brent left for 5 months last year. I thought I'd return to my naturally thin eating patterns easily when the kids and I were finally able to come to Alaska to be with him...but I've struggled so much with homesickenss.
    I really feel like now is the time for me to do this again. I'm ready to stop using food as a crutch, and start facing my problems directly. Finally I can once again let food be all it ever really was... just food.
    I'm going to be right here with you, as you do this blog. I weigh 155lbs today (there I said it.) My natural thin is between 140 & 145...I'm ready to go back. I'm excited about joining you on this journey. Thanks for helping me out...again. Love You!

  2. Wish me luck. I have a lot to lose and although I have suggested your blog to many people I have never truly implemented it in my own life. I will let you know how it goes.

  3. -Mary-
    In the last 2 years since you first started posting on this blog, I have been reading your blog every time I want to change how I look. There have been ups and down for various reasons (including a pregnancy) but I have not achieved my ultimate goal of losing and keeping off the pounds weighing me down. Well, here I go. I will not be a slave to food anymore. I will lose weight. I hope that the pounds of baggage that I am carrying around will go away because it is a part of me that I don't like and makes me unhappy. Day 1, here I go.