Monday, January 9, 2012

(28) Starting up the blog again... It's time.

Hello dear readers!! I haven't posted anything new on this blog since 2009. In the past two years I've had many ups and downs in my weight loss journey. I've gained lots of insight on how to deal with emotional overeating. I have so much information that I want and need to share with you. There have been many requests for me to start writing again on this blog and I've known I needed too for awhile now. I know so many of you are struggling with your weight and I want to do all I can to help. So...I'm back!
In the past two years I have learned more about my eating habits, when I eat, how much I eat, how I feel when I overeat, how I feel when I eat 0-5, why my body sometimes hangs on to extra weight even when I'm eating 0-5. I've learned how traumas, trials in life, or unwise life choices can effect my weight. I'm happy to say that I think I've finally gotten this 0-5 eating thing figured out! Yay!
Over the past 6 months I've learned how to eat 0-5 all the time without much overeating or even worrying about overeating. And it feels SO GOOD!! My body could still shed another 10 lbs but I'm not worried about it. I'm happy with my body either at the weight it is now or if I lose more.
I want to share with you how I've come to love myself unconditionally, regardless of my weight or pants size. How I deal with pms eating (which I've found that during this time, my body will actually work against my hunger signals and overeating is pretty much inevitable...lame).
I've learned more about which foods will make me feel like doo-doo and which foods will make me feel good inside. I've done hypnosis for 0-5 eating. This worked really well and then I tried guided visualizations and I've found that they work even better for me! In fact visualizing is pretty much the key to my 0-5 eating success!
I've learned how jealousy of another persons weight loss can completely throw my own mindset into a tailspin. I've learned how to deal with that jealousy, put it in it's place and move on to feeling good about who I am, how my body looks, and how I want to feel about myself.
I've realized that learning to be "naturally thin" is less of a "plan" to follow, and more of a "journey" to take. It's a lifestyle that is free from dieting, counting calories, feeling guilty, and disliking oneself. It is freedom and happiness and feeling good inside and out. It has taken me years to learn to be "naturally thin" and to live as a naturally thin person without having setbacks and knowing that there are no "mess ups" or "blowing its". There are only learning moments that teach me more and more about my body and how my body works.
I'm hoping that by sharing all of the information I know, it wont take you years to figure out your "naturally thin" journey and that I'll be able to help you get to a place where you don't feel out of control with food anymore. You wont care about food anymore unless/until your body gets hungry. Eating food will become something that you can't even make yourself do when your body isn't hungry because when you're not hungry, food is just gross!
You have to learn your own body. What are your body's likes and dislikes? When should you eat? How much should you eat? When should you stop eating? How much is too much food? How can you stop emotional overeating, and evening overeating? We all have different lives, circumstances, habits, lifestyles, and backgrounds. I can tell you what works for me in my life, what I do to live as a "naturally thin" person and how I've learned to love myself unconditionally. I'm hopeful that my knowledge of 0-5 eating can then work for you in your life as you figure out how your own body works and how 0-5 eating can work for you.
I'm so excited to share what I know...and I admit I'm kind of nervous because I want so much for you to have the same success with 0-5 eating that I'm having. I hope that I can convey my knowledge in such a way that you understand. I'm excited to be here with you through your journey to living as a "naturally thin" person. I'll be here posting, answering your questions, and doing my best to help you however I can. So, let the journey begin...again. ;)

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  1. Hey, this is a god idea. Too many people are "over weight" like me, but there are ways to control that. The solutions are different for everyone because we are all different.

    I never had a problem until after my sixth child, then my weight fluctuated back and forth until this day.

    I tried various ways to get my weight at a point I was satisfied with. I used "natural" methods, like eating good but not fattening foods, work, exercise, etc. That seems to work the best for me.

    Now at the stage of life I am at, I see the things I need to do to keep healthy; improving eating habits especially. I do need to improve on physical activity though since I no longer raise children, I have been a little lax on that.

    However, I won't do anything drastic, but to be sensible and satisfied with who I am right now and keep on keeping myself in a "healthy" state.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share what I know and do for good health and maintaining weight.