Tuesday, April 21, 2009

(4) Food & Your Weight Are Not The Problem

Food is not your real problem. Your weight is not your real problem. If food and weight were your real problem, all you'd have to do is successfully lose the weight one time and the problem would be solved. You've lost the weight before but have gained it back. Why?? Because your real problem is "overeating" and more importantly what causes you to overeat. If you are more than a few pounds overweight than you are overeating.
There are usually three reasons why a person will overeat. These are: 1. Learned eating behaviors (How your parents or society have taught you to eat) 2. Dieting (Depriving yourself of the foods you want which leads to binging) and 3. Emotional eating (Eating for emotional relief/release). Eating for any of these reasons means you are eating when your body is not physically hungry and by doing this, your body will store the extra calories as fat.
When you're constantly thinking about food, buying food, eating food, feeling guilty about the food you do eat, binging, dieting etc., you are giving food far too much importance in your life.
Before 0-5 eating I would use food as a crutch. I would eat to deal with certain emotions, then I'd feel guilty about eating so I'd eat again. By doing this I didn't have to face the original emotion, I could instead blame food as being the problem.
Naturally thin people only like food when they are physically hungry. The rest of the time they don't really think or care about it. They eat to live. They do not live to eat. Learning to deal with emotional eating or rather facing your emotions head on is the hardest part of 0-5 eating.
Later I'll post articles on how to overcome overeating but next I'll explain the 10 steps of 0-5 eating next.

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