Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(25) Is Exercise Overstated For Losing Weight?

I read an article that was very interesting. It's called " Exercise? A fat lot of good that is for weight loss". Here's the link address for it:

It talks about how research is now showing that "the benefits of exercise for weight loss have been overstated"!! Whoa...stop right there you say!! And before I write any more I need to clarify that I am all for exercise. I think exercise is vital for living a healthy life and I know I would surely fall into a deep depression if I couldn't work out and move my body on a regular basis. I also think that pushing oneself harder and harder each work out is good for the body and the spirit. Our bodies are meant to move, it keeps them healthy.
As far as actually losing weight is concerned, maybe it is possible that how we eat will affect our weight loss more than the exercising.
I do know that by eating 0-5, you will not only feel better but the weight will come off even without any exercise at all. Eventually your body wont want all the fat laden foods that you crave so badly on a regular diet or if you're "watching your weight". You will still eat "forbidden foods" but sparingly because your body will be giving you signals and cravings for foods that are more proficient in keeping you feeling good and healthy.
The other day I ran out and bought a pizza for the kids'. Keep in mind that pizza used to be at the top of my favorites list and any time we'd have it I'd overeat and gorge myself with it. Imagine my surprise to realize that I don't really care for pizza anymore. I may pick off the toppings and eat them but the tomato sauce gives me heart burn and unless it's a thin crust, it's just too much white bread.
When you exercise, do something you enjoy. How long you exercise is completely up to you. I keep my workouts short and hard. 20 to 35 min. I enjoy running, lifting weights, yoga, dancing, jumping on the trampoline with my kids', swimming...the list goes on and on. I don't enjoy pushing myself for so long and so hard that I'm useless for the rest of the day. Have fun with your workouts. Recognize how good your body feels when you move it.
I've been sick for the past couple weeks so I wasn't working out and I felt lousy. I started exercising again this week and the difference in how I feel is amazing. I can actually feel my muscles toning and see them shaping...yeah!
It's my opinion that by eating 0-5, our bodies will melt down to their normal weight and by exercising, our bodies will get stronger, feel better, gain muscle definition and be healthier.

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  1. I loved this post! My friend is a personal trainer and has a body to DIE for. She says it's 90% what you eat. 10% how you choose to workout.
    Thanks, Heather, for the reminder! :)