Thursday, April 16, 2009

(2) The 10 Steps Of 0-5 Eating

I call this method of eating and living like a naturally thin person 0-5 eating. I've learned all I know about 0-5 through reading and studying on this topic. All the books I've read teach the same method in different variations. In this blog I'll share everything I've learned and my own personal experience with 0-5.
The books always gave the steps to eating and living 0-5 somewhere in the middle or end. How annoying...I wanted to know how and what do to "right now". Since this is my blog and I'm in charge :) I'm going to cheat. I'll share the steps first and explain them later. This way you can know what to expect and what you'll be doing to eat and live naturally thin. You may not understand how to go about doing the steps but I'll explain them all later.

1. Live your life
2. Think thin, be thin (your body will catch up w/ your mind)
3. Stop dieting
4. Exercise (I exercise only 20 min a day, maybe 30...4-5 times a week)

Eat like a naturally thin person
5. Eat and drink exactly and only what you want and what makes your body feel good
6. Eat only when you are physically hungry
7. Eat slowly enjoying each bite
8. Stop eating when your body is satisfied, not full

9. Notice how your body feels after eating
10. Deal with your emotional overeating

There they are, the steps that can change your life if you'll let them. A word of caution though, these steps sound so simple right? It wasn't for me. The first time I learned them I thought "I can do this..easy". I then promptly went to the pantry, grabbed a bag of chips and shoved them down my throat until I felt sick. This is not a quick fix! It's not like all the diets you've tried before where you lost weight quickly then gained it all back after the diet was over. 0-5 is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. A process of learning and living and over time the fat will melt away. I know it doesn't all make sense right now but it will. I'll explain it all.


  1. I remember when you 1st (tried) to introduce me to this concept when I was in college. I read the 1st part of the book, then thought I knew enough and quit. After several more years of weight loss struggle ha ha I tried again with much more success. The key really is in learning NOT to eat for any other reason than your body is hungry. And it is a process not a quick fix. I couldn't agree more.